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Mission & Services

●To assist start-up firms to successfully enter a business – with the goal of achieving stability, growth, prosperity and excellence.
●To promote the development & application of innovative technology & products.

Services Items
1. Stationed in application
2. Technical Support
3. Business Support
4. Provide marketing information
5. Assist in planning for finance
6. Administrative support
7. Promotional support
8. Relocation assistance
9. Assist in application for government’s R&D grant
10. Assist the establishment of strategic alliances
11. Hold various technology extension & research meetings

Provide space and equipment support: Incubation room, laboratory, experiment equipment, display room, leisure facilities, conference room, restaurant, transportation, parking lot.General commercial support: Administration, office services, telephone, fax machine and copy machine.Industrial and market information is provided through libraries and computer networks.
Management services: Provide consulting services on product advertisement and marketing strategy, leasing of equipment & space, management training program, and human resources information.